These Terms of Service (“Terms”) govern all aspects of all relationships of thelibertyfactor.com (“Service”) and subscribers (“You”, “you”, “Your”, “your”) to the Service. Any use of our Service constitutes agreement by you to these Terms.

1. Use of Service

Your use of our Service, or of any future service(s) – if any, is subject to these Terms. Additionally, any future services which may be offered will be subject to these Terms and any additional terms such other service(s) may require, if any. Your use of our Service (or services) constitutes your agreement to any and all terms (including these Terms) which may be in effect at the time of your use.

The use of our Service (or services) does not give you any ownership rights in our Service, future services, our company, our operations, or the content that you access through our Service. All of our branding, logos, and other such materials belong to us and may not be used without our prior, written consent obtained before any such authorized use.

The nature of our Service means that content which does not belong to us is displayed through our Service. The entity which posts such content is solely responsible for such content. Although we have the means and authority to review the content posted by subscribers to our Service, that does not mean that we review every posting. We may, or may not, review such content for violation of these Terms or any other policy which we publish, at our sole discretion.

Your use of our Service constitutes your authorization for us to send you various messages and announcements through your account and through your registration email, or both, based on our determination as to which would be most appropriate.

2. Posting Content

We have very few rules but, the following rules are strictly enforced. All subscribers are expected to comply with these rules at all times.

a. Do not post pornography. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to determine whether any posting is, or is not, pornography.

b. Do not break any laws (local, state, or federal) when posting content through your account.

c. Do not threaten anyone.

d. Do not attempt unauthorized access to any part or portion of our Service, our servers, or any information that you are not specifically authorized to access.

e. Do not spam our subscribers.

f. You may not post content that is either sponsored , contains compensated reviews, or is intended to sell, or otherwise make money from, such content. The use of a personal account for commercial purposes will automatically result in that account being terminated.

3. Private Accounts

Private accounts are for use by individuals for their personal use. They are not to be used for business purposes. Any use of a private account for business purposes will result in the private account being terminated.

4. Business Accounts

Although we intend to have them in the future, business accounts are not currently avaialable.

5. Content

You are solely responsible for the content posted through your account. That is why we highly recommend that you keep your account information to yourself and not store that information in a manner that is easily found and accessed by others. Even if someone else uses your account, you are responsible for whatever they post.

6. Reporting

Reporting another subscriber for alleged violation of these Terms or for any other conduct believed by you to be objectionable does not automatically mean that we will take any action, whatsoever, against the alleged offender. We encourage our subscribers to conduct themselves as adults and to refrain from interacting with any other subscriber(s) who may be determined by you to be objectionable for any reason.

7. Suspension of Account

Accounts may be suspended or terminated, at our sole discretion. If your account is suspended your account will be closed for the entire time stated in the notice we email you (using the email account you registered with). Accounts may be suspended for any amount of time, up to and including thirty (30) days.

That means that if your account is suspended for a period of one (1) day, then you will not have access to your account from the time we suspend it and for a full twenty four (24) complete hours, thereafter. In every case, each day of suspension, up to thirty (30) days, is a full twenty four (24) hour period.

8. Termination of Account

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to terminate an account. In any case of account termination, every account held by the owner of a terminated account will also be terminated.

9. Refunds

We do not charge for our Service(s), therefore, there is no refund policy.

10. Usernames and Passwords

We do not monitor usernames and passwords. That information is held in our databases, however, we will not respond to requests to provide such information.

11. Use of Software

Some of the software we use to provide our Service(s) is proprietary in nature and is, therefore, not owned by us. However, we do have license or permission to use all software included on our site.  However, you are not authorized to make any attempt to modify, download, or otherwise manipulate the software in use on thelibertyfactor.com for any reason while that software is in use by us.

12. Modification of Service

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to alter or modify our Service(s) at any time without prior notice to you. However, we will attempt to provide site-wide notice to our subscribers of any modifications we intend to implement for a period of fourteen (14) days prior to any such modification(s) taking effect.

13. Termination of Service

If, at any time, the owner of thelibertyfactor.com, in the owner’s sole discretion, deems it either appropriate or necessary to do so, the owner may cease operation of this Service and any other service(s) provided through, or in association with, this website. Termination of this Service and any others associated with thelibertyfactor.com may occur with or without prior notice.

14. Fitness

Neither the owner nor any person or entity associated with thelibertyfactor.com, regardless of the nature of that association, warrants or holds out that thelibertyfactor.com (or any associated service(s) which may or may not exist) is fit for any particular purpose including, but not limited to: financial; legal; business; or any other purpose. Your reliance on any information, regardless of format or the party posting that information and no matter the format such information is posted in, is your sole responsibility and by using this site and any service, or services, associated with this site you hold thelibertyfactor.com, its owner, employees (if any), associates, business partners, business associates, agents, assigns, or any other person or entity who may work for or associate with thelibertyfactor.com harmless for the results of any such reliance.

15. Warranty

No one associated with thelibertyfactor.com, whether the owner, employees (if any), business associates (if any), partners (if any), or any others not specifically mentioned, herein, expresses or implies any particular or specific warranty of purpose or use of this Service or any associated service which may, or may not, be offered by thelibertyfactor.com.

16. Limits of Liability

Should a court of competent jurisdiction determine that thelibertyfactor.com, its owner, its agents, or its assigns, is liable to any subscriber, or other person or entity, for any act, or failure to act, by the owner of the Service(s) or any person or entity associated with the Service(s) referenced, herein, said liability is agreed to be limited to no more than the amount paid by any subscriber deemed by the court to be injured by thelibertyfactor.com, its owner, agents, or assigns, to the amount paid by such subscriber for a single month of access to thelibertyfactor.com.

17. Jurisdiction

Any legal dispute arising out of the use of thelibertyfactor.com or any of its associated services, if any, will be heard and decided in the Hamilton County Circuit Court, 500 Courthouse, 625 Georgia Avenue, Chattanooga, TN 37402.

Further, any determination by that Court will be deemed final and all parties to any such action, hereby, waive all right or rights of appeal.

18. Severability

Should the Hamilton County Circuit Court, referenced above, make a determination that any part or portion of these Terms is unenforceable as a matter of law then all remaining parts and portions, hereof, will remain in full force and effect.

19. Modification of Terms of Service

These Terms may be modified, at any time and in any manner, at the sole discretion of the owner of thelibertyfactor.com with or without prior notice to any subscriber. It is the sole responsibility of each subscriber to ensure that they are aware of the most current Terms for use of this site.

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